“Teresa is an amazing laughter professional.  She welcomes all and gently encourages laughter with her enthusiasm and skillful methods. The world is a better place with her in it.”
—Gail Wolz, CLL

“What an astounding experience! Our room full of strangers was expertly guided through an extensive laughter workout. Everyone's unique laughter personality emerged in this safe, encouraging hour and there were no more strangers at the end!”
—Nancy/Laughter Club Member

“I’m convinced intentional laughter is both fun and beneficial.  Teresa radiates a sense of joy and fun in her laughter leadership and is a great example of what a little bit of laughter each day can do for a person.”
—Rev Terry Paul Tiegen, Admiral Congregational Church

“Teresa gently invites our buried laughter to emerge.”
—Metta Smith/Laughter Club Member

“I feel like I added two years to my life after the first session. I started slow but once I got going I couldn’t stop. That experience was life-changing.”
—John/Laughter Club Member

“The laughter exercises help lower my blood pressure to the point of reducing my medication, but more importantly help improve my overall outlook on life.”
—R. Allison/Laughter Club Member

“I have a chronic lung disease which significantly improved after I joined Teresa’s laughter club.  I used to cough so much it would keep me awake at night.”
—Jean Slocum/Laughter Club Member

“As a sufferer from insomnia, I slept better after just one session.”
—Mike/Laughter Club Member

“The laughing exercises have helped my breathing.  I’m a part-time smoker and laughing opens up my lungs.”
—Scott/Laughter Club Member

“Teresa made the class click.  It takes a special kind of person to command the type of respect needed for something as silly as laughing at the sound of vowels.   I always felt that whether or not I came to class ready to laugh, Teresa would be ready to get things started.  She comes across as a whole different breed of person.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone else could have led the sessions.  It doesn’t seem possible.  She literally might be the most perfect person for her job.”
—Tom/University student in laughter class

“I realized my life doesn’t have to have this or that in it to be happy, but everyone has the opportunity to laugh…I am not as afraid and have more confidence in myself and feel more connected to the world around me.  It was like this great movement of energy outward instead of always keeping things in.”
—University student in laughter class

“Teresa reminds us what a gift it is to laugh.  In this world where struggle and complexity can abound, it is a gift of survival to just laugh and laugh often.”
—Dannette Allen/Life Skills Coordinator, Rose of Lima House

“Teresa is one darling fearless leader with so many creative ideas!”
—Jenifer/Laughter Club Member

“I loved the class and the entire laughing experience! I did 2 minutes of laughing this morning and it felt great!”
—Marsha/Laughter Club Member

“Teresa lightened a lot of spirits today.”
—Cancer Survivors Group

“What a wonderful, invigorating boost to join with others in the middle of a busy workweek for cheerful camaraderie and belly laughs!  Laughter Yoga is priceless and I’m so grateful to Teresa for making it available in Seattle.”
—Mary Evans

“Teresa is very radiant.  I haven’t seen so much aura since prenatal yoga.”
—Laughter Club Participant

“We think of Teresa laughing and it makes us laugh.”
—Laughter Club Members

“I find myself laughing out loud in the store now.”
—Laughter Club Member

“I never would have bought a hat like this before I joined a Laughter Club.”
—Laughter Club Member

“I just look at Teresa and laugh.”
—LB/Laughter Club Member