Bringing the Dynamic Power
of Laughter to Your Organization

FacebookTeresa Verde is a Public Speaker and Certified Laughter Leader.  She has been bringing laughter into the world since the day she was born and has been leading programs in Therapeutic Laughter/Laughter Yoga in the Pacific Northwest since October 2001.  A pioneer of Laughter Yoga in Washington State, she founded one of the first public laughter clubs in Seattle and has led over 400 programs in many varied settings.

Teresa’s exhilarating programs combine an informative lecture on the basics of laughter, the specifics of Laughter Yoga, an explanation of the tremendous health benefits, how laughter and humor are highly effective coping mechanisms, the role of laughter in the workplace and even how smiling is beneficial; followed by a joyous laughter session consisting of gentle stretching, yoga-type breathing and playful laughter exercises. Teresa is an affiliate of Laughter Yoga International and World Laughter Tour.

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